150 Millions of Us!

The other day, I exchanged a lot of messages and emails with a wife of a crossdresser (I’ll omit her name here; she knows who she is and is probably also reading this 🙂 ) which in a sense made me think a bit about myself and why I crossdress […]

Why some people are freaked out by crossdressers

I’m sure that if you’re a CD and have a public page somewhere, you’ve had the following experience, sooner or later: some guy (usually young ones) starts being very insulting on the comments, calls you names, tell you that you’ll burn in Hell… all those sorts of things. They get […]

Reaching a plateaux in my crossdressing…

Not often, but sometimes, I look back to my old photos and movies. Specially on the very old ones, where I had absolutely no clue on how to apply makeup or even get a wig that “passed”; like many crossdressers, the very first times I dressed I aimed for a […]

Going out: Ten years after the first time

Some of you might have read my earlier article where I described my first experience in “leaving the closet” for a short while. It started all wrong! I was in a hotel, and at that time I had a rather limited wardrobe, and little skills in applying makeup. So in […]

Summer heat is gone; now the heat is elsewhere!

The summer’s heat wave has gone for a while, and although sadly I had some days worried about my partner (she’s been often ill in the past two months, requiring dozens of appointments with doctors and getting driven to the hospital) — but now it’s over, she’s well again, and […]

The strange feedback on my new look…

My latest series of pictures (and videos) features my new look. Seeing that the nice guys at Suddenly Fem (where I shop since 1995!) did some nice price droppings on a lot of items, I ordered a new wig and a lovely pseudo-Victorian corset (my old one simply wasn’t good enough any […]

You know you’re taking crossdressing seriously (shopping version)…

… when you have more female shoes than male ones … your evening dresses are more well tended and fashionable than your male business suits … you have tons of jewelry, accessories, and handbags, but just a couple of ties … you spend more in buying wigs than having a […]

Wishes for 2008

I know… a third of the year has already gone, and it’s not normal to start an entry about my wishes for 2008 in April. But I’m a great believer in planning my life, even if very often I might feel disappointed if things don’t go as planned. I still try […]