Summer heat is gone; now the heat is elsewhere!

The summer’s heat wave has gone for a while, and although sadly I had some days worried about my partner (she’s been often ill in the past two months, requiring dozens of appointments with doctors and getting driven to the hospital) — but now it’s over, she’s well again, and I’m back to my lovely dresses!

In fact, I did order a whole new set of clothes from a local mail order catalogue 🙂 It gives me some variety, and I’m back to some dresses, which I actually prefer to top + skirt outfits. There was a reason for the shopping spree — I hoped to be able to attend (for the first time!) a local gathering of CDs, but, alas, with all the troubles with hospitals and impossible-to-meet deadlines for work, I had to skip it. Perhaps next year!… We’ll see.

In the mean time, I’ve been brooding about my body hair. I can’t do much about the face — it will need electrolysis (it’s supposed to be better than laser on the face), since apparently nothing else will remove the “5 o’clock shadow” which I almost immediately get… minutes after shaving 🙁 Using Vichy’s Dermablend (a very opaque foundation) I can keep up appearances for several hours, but unfortunately, Dermablend is also a bit “cakey” for a natural look after several hours. It’s good enough for webcamming (my latest joy as a closet crossdresser…) but it won’t do for serious ‘passing’. I need more natural foundations; and although Vichy’s products are of very high quality, it’s clear that nothing will resist my sweat for a whole day. And that’s about what I do — 2-3 hours of “preparing” myself (my partner despairs about the time I take!) to stay dressed for 10-12 hours. Most of the work comes obviously from the makeup. You can’t see much of it on the recent pictures — I’ve learned that the purpose of good makeup techniques is to render it almost invisible for a “natural” look, as opposed to a “glamorous drag queen” look — which I’m lately trying to avoid. So, yes, it’s one hour of covering all my face’s imperfections, to get a result that looks like I have no makeup at all!

I think that the only way ahead is to simply get rid of my face hair — permanently. Alas, I’m still hesitating. It’s expensive and I fear the skin rashes (and probably the strange looks from my work colleagues if I appear at the office with “half a beard”). I’m lucky to have reasonably good skin, but… I don’t know. I’m still looking around for alternatives. Currently I happen to spend quite a lot of time at home, and it’s a shame to spend so much time in getting my face properly covered. I usually give up and postpone the dressing event for a day where I might have more time.<

It’s not just the face, of course. Shaving the whole body also takes time (well, almost all the body — my partner forbids me to touch my body hair on the belly, which for some reason she adores; we all have our fetishes 🙂 In any case, I have to use a corset anyway all the time, so that gets pretty much covered). Although recently I manage to have arms, legs, and armpits with very short hair (shaving usually once per week, sometimes more), it’s incredibly frustrating to have it growing again on the next day! And, of course, it’s more time wasted getting rid of it…

Using the electric razor is simply not good enough; it definitely needs a sharp blade (it takes less time for me, too). But… the frustration of having a clean, soft, smooth shave for just a day or two has grown. I guess I have not enough patience. I love to dress up, but all those nagging details bother me!

I did try waxing once. It took me two hours to do just the lower legs. It was clear that it would take me the whole day to do both legs and arms!… So I gave up on that. Either I’d do that professionally (which I don’t dare to do… not yet!) or I’d need something else. After reading some tips and tricks from PDFs I got from this site, I thought I’d give an epilation machine a try.

Yes, I’m aware of the pain. When I was in my late teens, I had no patience to shave every day, so I did use tweezers to take my facial hair out… one by one! It was truly a nightmare, taking uncountable hours for such a long time — and, yes, it was pretty painful! The advantage? Well, I could avoid shaving for almost two weeks. Then I would need another whole day to start from scratch. Needless to say, I gave quickly up — even back then, I could not afford to spend that long for such a small area!

Doing the whole of my legs & arms would probably take me a whole week!

So, technology to the rescue: the epilation machine is just like a rotating tweezer, able to pull out hairs at an incredible rate, and it’s pretty much just moving it around a bit until it pulls every hair out. It still takes quite longer than I thought — three hours to do arms, legs, and the upper chest. And, of course, hairs don’t grow all at the same time: so after 2-3 days, I have to repeat the procedure to catch those nasty hairs that were too small on the first session. Now I have to wait and see if the investment pays off — how long will it take for them to grow again?

Epilation is also painful. I’m sure that everybody has some tricks to do it without hurting much, and my lack of skill might make things even more painful, but what I found out is that it mostly hurts at thebeginning. I don’t know, I think the nerve receptors saturate after a few minutes of covering an area, and from then on, you can continue for several hours and the pain does not increase — it just becomes an annoyance. Legs are far less painful than the arms (and the lower legs much easier than the upper ones); and most of the chest is incredibly painful too. Armpits, well, I could only do them a little — and forget about the face. It’s simply not possible to endure it! I’ve read stories about using ice, or taking painkillers in advance, but that seems way too much trouble (and I avoid chemicals to reduce pain for as much as possible — they are usually addictive and you develop a tolerance against them soon, and one day, when you really, really need them because you’re ill with something, they will not work).

Also, unlike shaving (either with an electric razor or a blade), the skin will look like you have mumps or some kind of disease 🙂 It doesn’t hurt afterwards, it just looks ugly, and, of course, you have to take good care of your skin in the next few days! So this is not appropriate to get an extra-smooth hair removal just before a party. What I read is that the ugliness subsides after a day or so; also, just after a session, the skin does not remain super-smooth. Rather the contrary: it’s full of bumps, one for each hair that was removed. But since the epilators remove the follicles I’m hoping that it stays smoother for way longer. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted!

I continue to have fun and be amazed at the reactions on the webcam-based chats. These days, although I don’t feel different (I still see my ugly face and impossibly awful nose on the pictures and wince…), I find that I pass so easily that it’s scary. In my country, for instance, crossdressing is almost unheard of (the LGBT groups don’t even acknowledge crossdressing as being “a gender issue”). Naturally enough, this means that most guys have no clue of what a crossdresser is. I have compiled some statistics: only about 2% of all guys figure out that I’m not really a genetic woman, and half of them have any clue of what crossdressing is. I can safely assume that 99% of the (straight) guys in my country believe that crossdressers are male homosexuals and think I’m joking if I tell them that I live with a genetic woman and have absolutely no interest in males. At least no interest in having sex with them!

Internationally, of course, the ratio is much different — showing how conservative my country still is. I would say that 10-15% of all guys figure out that I’m not a genetic woman, if they come from countries like the US, UK, Australia, Holland, or Germany. Italians are also ‘fooled’ like my fellow Portuguese; they also (still) have a machist society which apparently is still conservative enough. Needless to say, people from North Africa or the Middle East have absolutely no clue. Most of them are quite sexually immature, and it shows. I pity them! (As a counter-example, Turkey has a ratio of “picking up I’m not a woman” slightly higher than Portugal and Italy — not as good as the average European, but they’re getting there).

This is naturally quite a strange feeling for me. Sure, if all you have is a tiny picture of someone that you can’t see very well (even though I usually have reasonably good lighting in my room), it’s hard to pick up clues. Still, I’m amazed. Genetic women, for instance, almost immediately figure out I’m not “one of them” — no matter what country they come from. (They are also way more open-minded!) While I suspect that the average Internet-using woman is way more intelligent than the average testosterone-pumped guy who hits a webcam chat to get laid as quickly as possible, I find the results still interesting. Why can women notice immediately that I’m a CD, while guys usually are clueless?

I will continue to investigate while having some fun. Although, frankly, I can’t understand why women are usually frustrated with online webchats. Guys are so boring! All they do is beg, beg, beg… to see my tits. Where is the intelligent conversation? I’d say that a good 70% of all guys that I meet online go like this:

wow you’re gorgeous
show your tits
(when I refuse:) plz plz luv
I need to jerk off
you’re so sexy
plz plz
stand up and show yourself
now get your dress up
show me your tits
I luv you

Take the above sentences, mix and match them randomly, and that’s 70% of what a guy says online!

A few are slightly better, and start about inventing wild stories on how they will charter a helicopter and fly over to me and have great sex with me. While at least they show a bit of imagination, they’re just so childish. Really! I fear for the human race: how can possibly any woman have interest in those kinds of guys, unless, of course, it’s just for the sex in a one-night stand?

What usually happens on those online webchats is that all the women and a few of the clever guys (almost all happily married, of course, and just having fun chatting online) keep a parallel discussion on any possible subject — interesting, engaging conversation — while the remaining guys jump up and down, jerk off on their webcams, and beg and beg and beg for you to show your tits until you have to mute them.

They’re impossibly boring. Flirting with any of them is not even fun!

Ah well. I guess that I’ll keep straight 🙂 — since I cannot possibly understand how people can find guys interesting. There are a few exceptions, of course. And, obviously, all T-girls are always very interesting people — all of them. Which makes me think what’s wrong with the male gender these days — the few males who are amusing, witty, charming, intelligent, and good talkers are either a) married; or b) transgendered.

There is something here worth thinking about…

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