Online world

Privacy issues at Google+ 2

Google+ seems to be “indexing my photos too much”. By this I mean that, because they have been made public, they appear on all sorts of places where I don’t really want to see them — namely, as choices for people I know to add me to their Circles. This […]

Transgendered Art

One’s person nightmare can often be someone else’s paradise. When thinking about the things that frustrate me so much, I tend to overlook you lucky I actually am! This tends to make me ease down a bit and look upon the bright side of things. In the past few weeks, […]

Becoming a whore! 7

If you read that headline, I’m sure you’re thinking of all kinds of sexy, kinky things. After all, so many crossdressers, at least at the beginning, start with this idea of creating a very slutty image, which has this strange appeal for us of the male persuasion. I believe — […]

Censored by Blip.TV!

May 17 is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. We might be used to having the LGBT community always claiming for more rights or at least equal rights, but this day is a bit different: recognising that in many democratic countries, LGBT individuals are already getting their rights recognised […]

Why some people are freaked out by crossdressers 5

I’m sure that if you’re a CD and have a public page somewhere, you’ve had the following experience, sooner or later: some guy (usually young ones) starts being very insulting on the comments, calls you names, tell you that you’ll burn in Hell… all those sorts of things. They get […]