These were made with Bitstrips when that site was still active (the company still exists but now just does stickers for chat apps). It had a wonderful tool for doing cartoons without requiring any drawing skills, and the results were quite good — the avatars are cute, they had lots of clothes and accessories, and there was a plethora of props and even some visual effects. You could do much more with some patience (basically assembling new objects out of old ones, a technique also known in the gaming industry as ‘crafting’).

Unfortunately, their business model was somehow flawed, and even though millions of creative people were even willing to pay for the service to go on, the company decided to give it up. The old website does not even show the uncountable millions of cartoons made by volunteers over almost a decade; you can only get them these days through the WayBack Machine.

Fortunately, I made a copy of all of my own strips, some of which are visible at my DeviantArt account (you need to validate an account as ‘adult’ to be able to see all of them), but I’ve made them all available below. Enjoy! (as a certain former President of the USA would say…)