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I have a dream…

Two decades ago or so, I used to have so-called ‘crossdressing vacations’. These were quite short, normally just 5 days or so, at some remote place where nobody knew me, and where I could indulge myself in doing as much crossdressing as I wanted. Unfortunately, back then, I really had […]

Vanity Moment

Saying that I’m ecstatic is to really underestimate my current feelings. I’ve transcended euphoria 🙂 Or, well, to be honest, I didn’t; but I certainly will relish March 28th, 2015, as a date to be remembered forever… Indulge me for a moment as I step forward into the basking glow […]

I’m on an involuntary BDSM relationship…

Well, not really, of course! By definition, BDSM relationships are by mutual consent; they cannot be “involuntary”! Also, most have some sort of physical element, where there can be the notion of physical pleasure and “restraint”, even though I admit that I’m not that familiar with the BDSM community — […]