I have a dream…

Two decades ago or so, I used to have so-called ‘crossdressing vacations’. These were quite short, normally just 5 days or so, at some remote place where nobody knew me, and where I could indulge myself in doing as much crossdressing as I wanted. Unfortunately, back then, I really had […]

Vanity Moment 7

Saying that I’m ecstatic is to really underestimate my current feelings. I’ve transcended euphoria 🙂 Or, well, to be honest, I didn’t; but I certainly will relish March 28th, 2015, as a date to be remembered forever… Indulge me for a moment as I step forward into the basking glow […]

Talking with my wife… 9

First of all, I hope you had all wonderful holidays 🙂 And I sincerely wish you a happy new year — may all wishes come true, as the song goes. The week before Christmas I had a chat with my wife, instead of crossdressing at the time I hoped for. […]

I’m on an involuntary BDSM relationship… 10

Well, not really, of course! By definition, BDSM relationships are by mutual consent; they cannot be “involuntary”! Also, most have some sort of physical element, where there can be the notion of physical pleasure and “restraint”, even though I admit that I’m not that familiar with the BDSM community — […]

Short escapade…

Blogs are often seen as a way for ourselves to purge things from our soul… so this article will have little interest for most of you. It’s just part of my internal struggle in getting my wife to accept the next stages in my crossdressing… Lucille Sorella has an interesting […]