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Crazy Monday!

Do you remember my Crazy Thursday, half a year ago? Well, of course I have wanted to do the same, over and over again, but, alas, even in spite of all the wishful thinking and planning, I never managed to go out again for such a long time and visiting […]

I’ve been a little off lately…

Yes, I know — I’ve been a bit absent from my usual crossdressing sessions, which usually include being online on the webcam. I apologise to all my friends who have been waiting for me to come back online, or at least to answer emails, or, well, to acknowledge their messages… […]

The year of going out!

There have been a few twists in the past weeks. As I’ve told before, I managed to go out for a short smoke early in January. Then I had a chat with my wife and she allowed me to go out for a drive again. The chat was a mixed […]

Rays of hope, clouds of despair

The last few days were truly a roller-coaster for my crossdressing. After my last post, I simply had to have a talk with my wife about it. This was actually about the end of my crossdressing session… but we talked for quite a long time. To keep it short: the […]

Short escapade…

Blogs are often seen as a way for ourselves to purge things from our soul… so this article will have little interest for most of you. It’s just part of my internal struggle in getting my wife to accept the next stages in my crossdressing… Lucille Sorella has an interesting […]

Going out: Ten years after the first time

Some of you might have read my earlier article where I described my first experience in “leaving the closet” for a short while. It started all wrong! I was in a hotel, and at that time I had a rather limited wardrobe, and little skills in applying makeup. So in […]