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There is a moment in all our lives as crossdressers where things don’t work out as we expect. For many crossdressers, it’s simply impossible to “reveal themselves” and thus this mean that there is no way, ever, to predict when there will be an opportunity to dress again. For us […]

Natural Fingernails

Some of you might know that I have been letting my fingernails grow naturally. After much filing, they’re now at pretty much the same length as some of my “fake” nails which I have been using for so many years! This was the result of a chat with one recent […]

We might need to transition faster!

MtF transexuals in the past had to deal with an additional issue after all the complexities of their long process: will they be able to sustain themselves with their former work? The question is actually a hard one. Not so long ago, most MtF transexuals had few options left beyond […]

Am I merely a crossdresser?

There is an old joke (of somewhat bad taste…) about the difference between a crossdresser and a transexual: “Five years”. The “joke” is that current research has shown that gender identity is a little less constrained and limited than it used to be defined, say, a decade ago. A “classical […]

A rather intense week

It’s been a rather strange week. Not necessarily bad. For some reason, there are times when I guess that we all reflect a bit more about ourselves. I use the word “reflect” neutrally: not really “brooding” in the depressive sense of the word, but really just think about what makes […]

Christmas treats and driving as Sandra

As you know, I’ve been insanely busy the past weeks, and to make matters worse, the few days off I had were either too cold or my Significant Other wanted to go out for one reason or the other. So I haven’t managed to dress at all; we’ll see if […]

Reading too much causes confusion :)

One of the things that always fascinated me from my teen days is the subject ofidentity, and since it’s something that pretty much all crossdressers have to face at some time in their lives, I love to think and write about it. This past weekend, sadly, I had no time […]

Buying new breastforms…

When I started crossdressing, the first question I had was how to get minimally realistic breasts. Like probably most of you crossdressers, just putting on a (borrowed) bra was not enough. The first thing that comes to mind is to use some rolled-up socks, but, of course, while the padding […]

Going out again, but… grounded for a few months

This Sunday I was bold again. It was about 3 AM in the morning and I decided I should go out and drive a bit once more. But this time I decided to ask for my partner’s blessing first! She was already in bed, and I guess she was so […]

How do we get crossdressing to become socially acceptable?

Most of you who are reading this (but not all!) are crossdressing fetishists, either as crossdressers themselves, or simply as people who enjoy watching crossdressers. Fetishism is as natural as, well, rain falling from clouds — we all have it, even if we refuse to assume it. The most straight […]