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Confused aspiring transgender philosopher.

My current philosophical struggles

So these are the things that I’m currently struggling with. You will see them mentioned over and over again in my articles, comments, and wherever I participate on online social media. I do that mostly to allow myself to review my current thoughts on the subject, but also to see […]


Some of you may have noticed that, all of a sudden, after a bit more than a year, I’ve been posting my pictures and videos again. The reason for that is slightly complex, and as promised on some of the comments on Flickr and YouTube, here follows the explanation why […]

Why Blanchardians are scientifically unsound (and no, it’s not because activists hate them)

Every now and then, I pop over to ThirdWayTrans’ blog — someone whom I consider fascinating from several points of view, especially because even after detransitioning, he’s open-minded enough towards those who wish to transition for the right reasons; he just warns that a diagnosis of ‘gender dysphoria’ might not be […]

As propostas da lei da auto-determinação de género: uma crítica construtiva

Estão neste momento as três propostas da nova lei de auto-determinação de género a serem apreciadas (por um período de 90 dias) pela Comissão de Assuntos Constitucionais, Direitos, Liberdades e Garantias: a do Governo, a do Bloco de Esquerda, e a do PAN. As três propostas são muito parecidas, com apenas […]

A propósito da homofobia do Dr. Gentil Martins e da sua liberdade de expressão

Talvez uma das coisas que mais me irrite na nossa sociedade contemporânea seja a noção de que tudo é simples; tudo se pode reduzir a «preto» e «branco»; e ou é uma coisa, ou é outra. E neste caso polémico das declarações homofóbicas, retrógradas, conservadoras, politicamente incorrectas e ofensivas do […]

Homofobia e transfobia institucionalizadas

A propósito das declarações homofóbicas do Dr. Gentil Martins — assunto sobre o qual tenho outro artigo em preparação — surgiu de repente um fenómeno invulgar neste país: agora que passou a ser possível afirmar-se homófobo sem sofrer consequências (como se isto alguma vez tivesse sido diferente), as pessoas finalmente […]

Transgender Taxonomies: Alphabet Soup, Political Correctness, and the Conservative Transgender

One of those things that bothers me about the transgender community is the difficulty of figuring out what transgender-related words mean today, in the sense that they are constantly being redefined, re-invented, applied out of context, or having new contexts to which they are allowed to be applied.

Time for a conceptual change…

For the past decade, I have struggled with my ‘schizophrenic’ Internet presence. On one hand, I have long ago started to blog about crossdressing and transgender/gender non-conforming issues, moving on to (allegedly) serious essays on those subjects. But on the other hand, the first encouragement and support — if I […]

Washing a human hair wig — my Nth technique!

It’s time to switch to a more frivolous activity: how to get your wig properly washed! If you have been following my blog from the very first post, you’ll know by now that, over the years, I have changed the technique of washing my wig, and all that depending on […]

I have a dream…

Two decades ago or so, I used to have so-called ‘crossdressing vacations’. These were quite short, normally just 5 days or so, at some remote place where nobody knew me, and where I could indulge myself in doing as much crossdressing as I wanted. Unfortunately, back then, I really had […]