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Washing a human hair wig — my Nth technique!

It’s time to switch to a more frivolous activity: how to get your wig properly washed! If you have been following my blog from the very first post, you’ll know by now that, over the years, I have changed the technique of washing my wig, and all that depending on […]

Be curvy: a review of DressTech’s hip pads (and some ranting as well)

It’s time for me to do another product review! This time, I’m taking a look at DressTech’s Silicone Hip Pads. But it wouldn’t be a ‘Sandra post’ unless it quickly turns into an essay, including some reminiscences of the past, some crossdressing tips, and ranting about manufacturers and suppliers of […]

The Quest for Becoming the Perfect Woman

Let me tell you about my recent experiences with some of my friends who are in transition, or may even have completed them. I shall name no names, of course; and although I try to be neutral about these situations, I’m a biased observer. And I’m only going to cover […]

An unusual request…

I decided to go crazy: I’m a contestant on a competition held by Ondatex, a Portuguese/Chinese clothes brand, operating their own network of shops in the Lisbon area, as well as their own website ( It was easy to join the competition: all I had to do was to send […]

Vanity Moment

Saying that I’m ecstatic is to really underestimate my current feelings. I’ve transcended euphoria 🙂 Or, well, to be honest, I didn’t; but I certainly will relish March 28th, 2015, as a date to be remembered forever… Indulge me for a moment as I step forward into the basking glow […]

New hair… (sorry no pictures yet!)

Today I tried to ‘save’ an old wig, which I particularly liked, because of its straight hair and natural weight… I did my usual routine of soaking in special shampoo, do some conditioning, and use a new high-tech ‘dry conditioner’, plus some rolls at the end… but I really think […]

Female geekiness (not what you’re thinking)

This is the age of the ‘nerd’ and the ‘geek’ — most probably thanks to Bill Gates, the Ultimate Geek, becoming the richest man in the world. Suddenly, ‘being geek’ started to make sense. For some, at least. Geekiness was, for most of the past 4 decades, a strictly male […]

Facial Feminisation Surgery

A friend who is in transition and who just got her legal right to change her name and gender on her ID card told me about this site: It is both a site with a wealth of information on Facial Feminisation Surgery (FFS) but also provides an interesting service: […]