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Carnival plans

So, big plans, only to have a (relatively) short dressing time… Around here, it’s Carnival. Well, technically it’ll be on Tuesday. Carnival, of course, is when crossdressers can safely walk the streets. But, unlike Brazil, we have abolished Carnival as a holiday. What that means is that we either skip […]

Enjoying a new look

We humans are odd creatures. We tend to create an image of ourselves and believe it’s true. When we’re young, we might be disappointed with what we see on the mirror — we wish to be stronger, sexier, better-looking. When we age, we still have our youthful self-image in mind, […]

Holder Smoking Tutorial I

Well, this will be a completely different article! Inspired by one of the articles on the Portuguese side of my blog (sorry, no translation available; the articles are not kept in sync, since they actually target different audiences), which featured smoking fetishism — something completely unheard of in Portugal, while […]

Boob Job! (FAKE!!!)

So what would I look like after a nice, well done boob job? 🙂 Something like this: All right, all right, I admit it: it’s just a photoshopped image 🙂 I’m not an expert in using Photoshop, but you can get reasonably good results even with little skill. To do […]

Natural Fingernails

Some of you might know that I have been letting my fingernails grow naturally. After much filing, they’re now at pretty much the same length as some of my “fake” nails which I have been using for so many years! This was the result of a chat with one recent […]

Illusion? Delusion? But what’s real anyway? Or: what football fans and crossdressers have in common

Ana Cristina García is one of my favourite crossdressers, and not only because she’s gorgeous, incredible passable, and utterly feminine. No, it’s because she’s also immensely clever and posts very thoughtful insights on her journal at URNotAlone. Her latest post, over a year ago (Cristy, where are you?), is superficially about […]

Summer heat is gone; now the heat is elsewhere!

The summer’s heat wave has gone for a while, and although sadly I had some days worried about my partner (she’s been often ill in the past two months, requiring dozens of appointments with doctors and getting driven to the hospital) — but now it’s over, she’s well again, and […]