Boob Job! (FAKE!!!)

So what would I look like after a nice, well done boob job? 🙂

Something like this:

All right, all right, I admit it: it’s just a photoshopped image 🙂 I’m not an expert in using Photoshop, but you can get reasonably good results even with little skill.

To do this image, I just wore my silicone prosthesis and removed the edges, smoothing over the skin tone and colour to match. It’s far easier to do it on Photoshop than using foundation and concealer — specially because I’d need some special-effects “flesh putty”, as they use in the movie industry, to make sure the edges of the prosthesis wouldn’t show up. It’s soooo much easier to paint it over using Photoshop!

So anyway. For all of you who always complain that I never show my boobs on the webcam, here you go: my perfect boob job! 🙂 If they were real, I’d be more than happy to show them — lol!

If you’re pretty much offended by the lack of ethics publishing photoshopped images, I do apologise! My intention was only to have fun, not to anger anyone. On this subject, you should read this article from Ana Cristina García, one of the crossdressers I admire most. She writes about the issues of publishing photoshopped images, as she has been the target of many complains about how some of her pictures “are not real” and somehow delude people thinking they are.

As she so well puts it:

As you can see, all wrinkles are gone, boobs are made larger and with more cleavage and every little imperfection is taken care of to present a perfect image.  This is the perfect image we all seek and strive for but, as the Dove commercial, in the link below, clearly states, it is an unrealistic and unattainable beauty standard since it is produced electronically.  Yes, every gorgeous girl with a perfect body, face and hair we see in all sorts of magazine adds is not as perfect as she seems to be.  Having a good raw material to start with makes the task easier but the photos they show us are idealizations achieved through the manipulation of photos of beautiful subjects that are close but not quite there and, in some cases, not even close to perfection, on their own.  Every woman, and I count here TGirls too, would like to have the figure of a Barbie Doll or Jessica Rabbit but we know that their extremely slim waists and exaggerated proportions can only be produced in plastic or drawing and lately, with Photoshop.  Our ideal of beauty has become, thanks to photo editing, quite unrealistic.  Take a look at the Dove commercial now:

Read her article, it’s very interesting — she draws her own limits on how far she goes with photo manipulation tools, and even has a separate Flickr account just for digitally enhanced pictures (she’s still lovely without the enhancements!). And the article — and its many links! — should give you food for thought when thinking about all those gorgeous women on magazine covers and adverts. For the past ten years or so, no shampoo ad has been “real” (that I heard from a senior marketing manager from one of the top European cosmetics brands) — they’re all produced in a digital studio with the equivalent of the Photoshop tools, but applied to video. So if Vichy, Garnier, Pantene, and all the others are allowed to do some photo/video manipulation, well, why shouldn’t I? 🙂


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