Be curvy: a review of DressTech’s hip pads (and some ranting as well)

It’s time for me to do another product review! This time, I’m taking a look at DressTech’s Silicone Hip Pads. But it wouldn’t be a ‘Sandra post’ unless it quickly turns into an essay, including some reminiscences of the past, some crossdressing tips, and ranting about manufacturers and suppliers of […]

DIY Undergarment Fixing

Remember the awesome hip & butt enhancing undergarment that I bought two years ago from Classic Curves International? Well, if you know me personally, you know that I never leave my home without my Veronica 5. As I now tell everybody, ‘if it was good enough for Caitlyn Jenner, then it’s […]

Product review: Veronica 5 10

Disclaimer: I do not work for Classic Curves International, nor have I been commissioned to write this review, which, in any case, only reflects my opinion, experiences and feelings about the product, which was not submitted to a scientific, unbiased test 🙂 It’s not frequent for me to do product […]

Enjoying a new look 2

We humans are odd creatures. We tend to create an image of ourselves and believe it’s true. When we’re young, we might be disappointed with what we see on the mirror — we wish to be stronger, sexier, better-looking. When we age, we still have our youthful self-image in mind, […]

Buying new breastforms… 7

When I started crossdressing, the first question I had was how to get minimally realistic breasts. Like probably most of you crossdressers, just putting on a (borrowed) bra was not enough. The first thing that comes to mind is to use some rolled-up socks, but, of course, while the padding […]

The strange feedback on my new look…

My latest series of pictures (and videos) features my new look. Seeing that the nice guys at Suddenly Fem (where I shop since 1995!) did some nice price droppings on a lot of items, I ordered a new wig and a lovely pseudo-Victorian corset (my old one simply wasn’t good enough any […]

You know you’re taking crossdressing seriously (shopping version)…

… when you have more female shoes than male ones … your evening dresses are more well tended and fashionable than your male business suits … you have tons of jewelry, accessories, and handbags, but just a couple of ties … you spend more in buying wigs than having a […]