You know you’re taking crossdressing seriously (shopping version)…

… when you have more female shoes than male ones

… your evening dresses are more well tended and fashionable than your male business suits
… you have tons of jewelry, accessories, and handbags, but just a couple of ties
… you spend more in buying wigs than having a haircut
… one razor blade can last several weeks if you don’t crossdress in the mean time, but you’ll use it up in just one session of crossdressing
… you just buy the cheapest aftershave off the shelf on the supermarket, but the best perfume and the highest quality makeup on the fanciest shops
… you know your way around tops, tanks, tubes, but as a male, nothing beats a T-shirt
… your sexy underwear is ten times more expensive than your full collection of male underwear, although you might have far less!
… to go out as a male, a quick shower and a comb is all you need (sometimes not even that); but you’re fine in spending four hours doing your makeup!