Carnival plans

So, big plans, only to have a (relatively) short dressing time…

Around here, it’s Carnival. Well, technically it’ll be on Tuesday. Carnival, of course, is when crossdressers can safely walk the streets. But, unlike Brazil, we have abolished Carnival as a holiday. What that means is that we either skip work to celebrate it, or, well, we start the celebrations during the weekend.

This will probably be the last Friday in many that I’m able to dress. Unfortunately, I got late at home, and had to prepare myself a LOT!

A Tribute to my Hairdresser

It all started weeks ago. Thinking ahead, I bought a gorgeous, sexy minidress (even if I’m the one saying it!). In fact, even my new padding was planned originally for Carnival, but since I got it much earlier than that, I obviously have been using it…

Then, because it’s cold, it means getting very thick pantyhoses 🙂 I noticed that nowadays you get nice-looking ones in relatively think size. Hooray for the fashion industry! These I had also bought a while ago.

Wednesday it was time to get my hair restyled. Well, not my real hair, just my human hair wig 🙂 I have to say that my hairdresser exceeded herself: she did the best restyling ever. I was quite impressed!

Last week, it was laser zapping time. I started laser hair removal on the whole body, and even a bit on the face. It’s very early to see any real results (except that hair now grows much slower…), but it was a big step, planned years ago, and I did the timing for the first session so as to be able to shave myself smoothly today (I’m supposed to wait 10 days after each session).

Then I also bought some new panties… usually I don’t need them, since for over a decade I’ve been using a gaff to hide my ‘thingies’ properly. But I’ve been testing out things, and panties are more practical under the new padding.

I ordered a new replacement holder as well. It’s not too fancy, but my 4″ holder broke, and I was just using the 3 1/2″ one. I decided to get another 4″ holder.

Because my dress is golden-and-black, this needs matching accessories in gold. Gold is sort of out of fashion, steel/silver is more what we use these days, so most of my accessories are steel/silver. I bought some new earrings, two rings, one nice bracelet…

This morning I cut my ‘real’ hair (it’s easier to use a wig if my ‘real’ hair is properly trimmed), and get my toenails and fingernails done. The manicurist/pedicurist remembered that I was a crosdresser, and we actually talked a lot about it. She painted my toenails in a lovely shade of red, and did a great job on the fingernails, which I unfortunately couldn’t let her paint, since I was still going back to work… I still got some shiny, transparent varnish, which looked lovely and nobody noticed, not even my wife later on.

Then I did some last minute shopping. It bothers me that I use a ‘male’ purse inside my handbag when going out. Because, who knows, I might actually go out somewhere, I decided to buy a female purse as well. It means a bit more time spent moving things from one place to the other, but it should look nicer 🙂 On an impulse, I also bought a small feminine, pink bag, which I can use to put the mobile phone inside and the car & home keys. And I also bought some silicon insoles for my shoes, to see if my feet don’t hurt so much (but they’re not really working lol).

My original plan was to pick up my wife fully dressed, but she actually got ready at the university several hours earlier. So we drove home, got a nap (she slept for five hours!!!), and then it was time to continue my makeover.

Since I had to take a bath, scrub myself (as per instructions of the laser technician), and shave all body hair, this took ages. As said, I’m still evaluating how well the laser works for me, but I can say that my body was never so smoothly shaved as today 🙂 It helped to get a new blade; in my ‘male mode’ I usually care little about what I buy and I’m a bit lazy to do proper shaving. As a lady, however, I just want the best of the best!

Scrub, shave, and wash myself with a showering gel smelling like strawberries 🙂 It’s great to put me in the right mood. But it also meant that I took some three hours getting ready!

The results were awesome hehe — I hope to be able to post a few pictures and movies later 😉

Now unfortunately this year the local CD community is not planning much (there are a few scattered activities), probably because this year Carnival is not a holiday, so it means that I’m not going to any place, unlike I originally wanted to do, even if I would only be able to join much later. A small group is going to have fun at Carnival, at one of the few cities where it’s a municipal holiday, but only tomorrow. Bummer! Saturdays is always impossible for me…

Anyway, thanks to my good friend Erin Swallows, I now have a super-high-resolution webcam, with which I should be able to improve pictures and movies a thousandfold. Sadly, since my wife abhors webcams, I have to keep it stored safely away until she goes to sleep… which tonight might be at sunrise, after she has slept 5 hours during the afternoon, it will be ages until she gets sleepy…

If you’re celebrating Carnival too, I wish you an enjoyable time out 🙂

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