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Time for a conceptual change…

For the past decade, I have struggled with my ‘schizophrenic’ Internet presence. On one hand, I have long ago started to blog about crossdressing and transgender/gender non-conforming issues, moving on to (allegedly) serious essays on those subjects. But on the other hand, the first encouragement and support — if I […]

Holder Smoking Tutorial I

Well, this will be a completely different article! Inspired by one of the articles on the Portuguese side of my blog (sorry, no translation available; the articles are not kept in sync, since they actually target different audiences), which featured smoking fetishism — something completely unheard of in Portugal, while […]

Natural Fingernails

Some of you might know that I have been letting my fingernails grow naturally. After much filing, they’re now at pretty much the same length as some of my “fake” nails which I have been using for so many years! This was the result of a chat with one recent […]

We might need to transition faster!

MtF transexuals in the past had to deal with an additional issue after all the complexities of their long process: will they be able to sustain themselves with their former work? The question is actually a hard one. Not so long ago, most MtF transexuals had few options left beyond […]

The itch that never goes away…

In our dynamic work environment of this busy century, most of us are constantly at the mercy of stress — a sad consequence of the hallmark of our society with its emphasis on constant production at the highest possible level of efficiency. The result is that we live in the […]

The results approach the desired effect

All the pictures on this blog are rather recent, I think the oldest one is from November 1999 or so. There is a good reason for that. During my first few years, I had little time available — the odd day or so, and one-week vacations here and then. I […]

First steps in dressing up

Through the Internet, I did not only find a lot of documentation and information on cross-dressing, but I also met a community of supportive people who explained those things to me. At the beginning, I was as yet reluctant to talk to them. Most people I found online were almost […]