We might need to transition faster!

MtF transexuals in the past had to deal with an additional issue after all the complexities of their long process: will they be able to sustain themselves with their former work?

The question is actually a hard one. Not so long ago, most MtF transexuals had few options left beyond living as show girls and/or prostitutes, both being still in high demand. But not every MtF transexual wants to spend the rest of their lives as sexual workers or on a stage. Many might just want to get a job and continue with their lives.

Now, these days, most of the jobs can be held either by men or women, so things in the 21st century are easier — even though there is obviously the barrier of prejudice to be overcome, and, to a degree, this will mostly mean how “good” you look after transition (yes, sadly, appearances are still very important). If, thanks to lucky genes, hormone therapy, surgery, or all of the above, it’s impossible to distinguish a MtF transexual from a genetic girl, well, then any job might be possible.

And perhaps finding a job or even getting paid more as a woman is actually not such a wild dream. The video below shows how women are “taking over the world” — slowly, of course, but there is a huge change in our society. Obviously the speaker (a woman!) is partial and biased. But I have seen many of the hints that she shows on the video to be true in the workplace. Except for very-high-techy work environments, I have seen companies and organisations where all employees are females, with one or two exceptions — and I’m not talking about the very creative environments that Hanna Rosin talks about in her video, but things like accountants (my own accountant office only has women working in the office!) and lawyers, for example; or even bank branch offices (while as late as 1995 there would be no women at all inside a bank!).

Biased or not, one thing seems to be clear from the video below: being a woman actuallyincreases your chances of getting a high-paid job these days  If so, it’s a great encouragement for MtF transexuals to go through their transition in order to survive the recession and get a good job 😉

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