Privacy issues at Google+

Google+ seems to be “indexing my photos too much”. By this I mean that, because they have been made public, they appear on all sorts of places where I don’t really want to see them — namely, as choices for people I know to add me to their Circles.

This is most definitely something I don’t want to see. Google is too clever.

So I’ve decided to remove my pictures from Google+ — like I did with Facebook a while ago — and just have them privately on Picasa. They will also show up here on my website, which has little traffic, and is only seen by people I know.

Now I have to try to limit how much YouTube and similar things post to my Google+ timeline… years ago I complained about Facebook’s confusing lack of privacy, but Google+ seems to be even worse. Imagine, there is no way to select all posts on the timeline and mark them private for friends! You have to delete them manually, one by one…

My apologies for the confusing mess. The Internet gets less and less safe every year. *Sigh*

  • Kay

    It gets confusing to manage our different identities, especially for people like us. As if we don't have enough passwords and accounts and whatnot to remember. Then making sure the one doesn't get linked or traced back to the other.. pff. Im a bit reluctant with the whole web 2.0 thing.

    "They will also show up here on my website, which has little traffic, and is only seen by people I know."
    Have we met? 😉

    • Ah, you're quite right there, Kay… remembering logins and passwords is acceptable (if we forget them, we can always get a password reset anyway…), but the problem is really these social media thingies that 'guess too much'. I mean, Google reads all our mails. If I use Gmail with two accounts, both coming from the same computer, Google will know that they are, at least, related. It's impossible to avoid that kind of knowledge being 'exposed' by Google…

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