Heat wave ahead; crossdressing will be suspended for two weeks at least!

Sadly for me as a crossdresser, the weather prediction for the next two weeks shows a heat wave that is here to stay. Unfortunately, that means that it’ll be way too hot for me to use all my gadgetery and wear makeup that doesn’t run with my intense sweating. My partner suffers from a strange misalignment of her temperature receptors, which means that she’s always trembling with cold, even when it’s 35ºC she’s wearing a blanket and turning the heater on! (You cannot possibly imagine how she fares through winter…)

This also means that sadly I cannot turn the air conditioning on, and thus, I have to endure the terribly high temperatures at home that prevent my crossdressing.

Ah well, this has been mostly a mild year with few extreme temperatures, so I’m certain that in a few weeks the heat wave will subside and go back to more reasonable, crossdressing-friendly temperatures.

Until then, a big hug and kiss to you all!