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Minor depression?

I hate to use that word, “depression”. It evokes in all of us a sense of utter sadness and an inability to deal with our lives or external circumstances. Since a third of all people in the Western world have been diagnosed with depression at some time of the other, […]

Dreams of Female-ness

I believe I mentioned before that in my country the legislation has been changed to allow transgendered people to go through transition much faster, change their paperwork to reflect their legal names, even during pre-op (and surgery is not any more a requirement to legally change your name and gender), […]

Reflecting upon transgenderism

While I was on my short “forced” vacations, I had brought with me a PDF copy of Richard Ekins’ Male Femaling: A grounded theory approach to cross-dressing and sex-changing. It’s an academic study from 15 years ago, and thus slightly outdated, which tries to formulate a framework for discussing transgenderism, travestism, […]