I’m back for now!

Well, I’m back. Probably I’ll be a bit more easy-going in the next few weeks, and definitely I won’t be able to stay up for so long when I’m dressed (sorry, erin and deanna! Doctor’s orders!), but the exams I made show that whatever happened, it was not dramatically bad. I’m still due to an appointment with my family doctor next Thursday; I have asked for second opinions from other doctors as well, and all so far seem to agree that the major issue was just exhaustion and possible overmedication

So I know what I need to do: rest a lot 🙂 And that’s the kind of doctor’s orders I love to follow! 🙂

  • Lovely Sandra is there a beach you can go to do it an you wont need any meds Im two blocks from the Ocean believe me It cleans you of all try it if you can Dear it mellows you out I been doing it for all my life sweetie an is a true dream

  • Ooooo, i love i get some personal mention, i only feel bad that it has to do with me being somewhat the cause of your crisis in the first part. I’m sooooo sorry I make you stay up late darling. I promise to be more speedy in my demands – wink wink kiss kiss.

  • Please take care of yourself.

  • @carlosx11, I’m actually two blocks away from the Atlantic Ocean as well — 90% of my view out of my tiny flat’s window looks over the ocean, and the remaining 10% over the mountains 🙂

    But I actually rested on my parents’ country home, away from everything, up in the highlands, where there is a nice artificial lake (from a dam) and I could go to the empty river beach there and relax a bit…

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