Absence from dressing…

Dear friends,

Since I log in to the usual social networking sites little (including Multiply), but just turn on Yahoo/MSN/Skype/whatever when I’m dressed, sometimes, when a few weeks elapse since the last time I’ve talked to you online, a few of you get worried about me, because I don’t give any news.

Well, I’m still around, and this time, my usual excuse is not that I’ve been too busy or that the weather has been too hot for dressing. Unfortunately, I have some health issues which have, for the time being, prevented me to dress at all.

They might not be serious but just a consequence of a rather busy year with lots of struggles. A few weeks ago, I checked in at hospital with a sudden dizziness. Not really vertigo, just feeling very dizzy. The doctor checked me and found me ok; so they let me go. I even dressed after a few days and went back to my usual routine. Last Saturday, however, I fainted twice while having dinner with my wife’s family. I never fainted before, so that was clearly a sign that something was wrong. But besides some dizziness, and a weak pulse, there are absolutely no other symptoms.

It could have been a result of some new blood pressure pills I’m taking — an overdose, so to speak. So I talked with my family doctor, who knows me rather well, and, except for Sandra 🙂 , she knows all my medical history of the past 7 or 8 years in detail. She couldn’t find anything wrong with me, but the weak pulse left her worried. There are dozens of causes for dizziness, fainting, and a weak pulse. The easiest explanation is lack of sleep, tiredness, anxiety and stress from work. Overdosage from the blood pressure pills could just have been a trigger. But there are far more serious possibilities, some dreadful to think about. So she ordered a lot of exams, which I’m going to do next week, and should have an answer the week after that. They should filter out the most serious issues, and let the doctor then start checking for all other uncountable possibilities. And, in the mean time, I’ve been ordered to take a real break and not do anything that excites me or makes me anxious. With luck, that’s all I need, and when the results of the exams are back, I’m told I’m fit as newborn puppy 🙂

But until I get the “all clear”, I’ll refrain from dressing for a while. So I’ll be off for at least two weeks. We’ll see how all goes afterwards.

Cheers all,

   – Sandra