Gender identity

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First steps in dressing up

Through the Internet, I did not only find a lot of documentation and information on cross-dressing, but I also met a community of supportive people who explained those things to me. At the beginning, I was as yet reluctant to talk to them. Most people I found online were almost […]

Urges and how to deal with them

All transgendered people come to a dilemma at some point in their lives — they ask themselves, why do they feel that way? Where do their urges and needs come from? Is it something genetic? A mental disturbance? Rebelling against established norm? Or something entirely different? In any case, what […]

A woman’s body is her canvas

I think it was around Spring 1995 when I started to think a bit about all these things seriously. I was “between girlfriends” and thinking why the women I knew — colleagues, friends, even family — simply lost that magic. Sure, many of them “dressed up” for things like marriages or […]