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Homework towards a cure

There are few things that are more boring than anyone constantly lamenting about their illnesses and diseases. With that in mind, I have just one purpose with this article: to eventually help out some fellow transgender people to recognize some of the symptoms, get encouraged to seek professional help, and […]

Crossdressing escapism for when I’m feeling down

Since the last week, I’m feeling a bit down. That, by itself, should not be a cause of worry: after all, I’m supposed to be depressed, and when people are depressed, they feel down. Right? I do have now two medical reports who testify that I have ‘psycopathological disorders’ (the psychiatrist […]

My mental health declines?

Depression. Something that hits at least a tenth of the world population, but, in some Western countries, it can be as high as a third. That means that it’s one of the most-researched diseases, with over 30 different kinds of medicine ready to attack depression, as well as a plethora […]

Crossdressing: techniques to deal with urges, anxiety, and disappointment

If you’re reading this website, it’s highly likely that you are transgendered to a degree, even if you don’t accept that definition fully, or don’t think it applies to you at all. However, what I will attempt to explain will also work with other reasons. Nevertheless, we transgendered persons have […]