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It’s all about sex, baby…

Imagine that we turn back the clock to, say, 1995. The World-Wide Web already existed twenty years ago, but it had little information. However, on the other hand, it also had a higher signal-to-noise ration: the little information that existed was rather good.

Happy New Year!

After a couple of blog articles in Portuguese, I felt that I shouldn’t neglect my English-speaking readers, and dedicate an article to them as well 🙂 My Buddhist teacher tends to greet the new year with ‘one year less’. That seems terribly morbid, but the actual reason is to remember […]

Crossdressers, crossdreamers, transgenders, hypersexuality: why we don’t get accepted

There was a recent thread started on Fetlife that caught my attention, because it addresses something which activists worry about a lot: public acceptance of crossdreamers, crossdressers, and transgendered people. And it made me reflect a bit on what fundamentally is a problem without solution.

Crossdressing Vacations!

Well, against all my previous pessimistic previsions, the crossdressing vacation went ahead. A miracle, for sure, but one that was quite welcome. There were several moments where everything might have worked out wrong. For instance, as said, we got a voucher from my mother-in-law — but until the day before […]

Censored by Blip.TV!

May 17 is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. We might be used to having the LGBT community always claiming for more rights or at least equal rights, but this day is a bit different: recognising that in many democratic countries, LGBT individuals are already getting their rights recognised […]

Minor depression?

I hate to use that word, “depression”. It evokes in all of us a sense of utter sadness and an inability to deal with our lives or external circumstances. Since a third of all people in the Western world have been diagnosed with depression at some time of the other, […]

How do we get crossdressing to become socially acceptable?

Most of you who are reading this (but not all!) are crossdressing fetishists, either as crossdressers themselves, or simply as people who enjoy watching crossdressers. Fetishism is as natural as, well, rain falling from clouds — we all have it, even if we refuse to assume it. The most straight […]

150 Millions of Us!

The other day, I exchanged a lot of messages and emails with a wife of a crossdresser (I’ll omit her name here; she knows who she is and is probably also reading this 🙂 ) which in a sense made me think a bit about myself and why I crossdress […]

Crossdressing as a counter-culture?

A comment on this blog made me think a bit on the nature of crossdressing, which is not easily explained. As some readers might have noticed, I’m not the best person to explain it at all! Most people tend not to distinguish between “gender” and “sex”, which is perfectly understandable; we tend […]