An unusual request…

I decided to go crazy: I’m a contestant on a competition held by Ondatex, a Portuguese/Chinese clothes brand, operating their own network of shops in the Lisbon area, as well as their own website ( It was easy to join the competition: all I had to do was to send […]

Revisiting 2015, Planning 2016

Wow! What a year this was! Looking back, I can see that almost every wish came true — I guess that my ‘Hobbes’ strategy worked well enough: Remember, last year, my argument is that one’s wishes ought to be fulfillable, or else you risk disappointment. On the Calvin & Hobbes strip, Calvin […]

Crossdressing as an addiction?

We all know (or at least read about) on how hard it is to get rid of physical addictions. Psychological ones are even harder. When both are combined together, however, the task of getting rid of them seems to be almost impossible. I’ve often returned to the topic of addiction. […]

Homework towards a cure

There are few things that are more boring than anyone constantly lamenting about their illnesses and diseases. With that in mind, I have just one purpose with this article: to eventually help out some fellow transgender people to recognize some of the symptoms, get encouraged to seek professional help, and […]

Crossdressing as a crossdresser… or as a woman?

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet; — William Shakespeare, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Ah, the eternal issues with the word ‘crossdresser’! How much significance we attach to a single word, and how often it describes us so poorly!

‘Transgender’ is not only about ‘gender identity’?

Slate magazine was one among many which noted Caitlyn Jenner’s ‘different’ stance as an LGBT activist. Jenner’s attitude has come as a surprise (probably a positive one) among those who interviewed her, but hard-core LGBT activists have been profoundly shocked.

License to Dress

For you, crossdressing is like being passionately in love: no other experience has the same appeal, nothing else matters, your only focus is to present yourself as a woman.— My psychologist


I’ve written on this subject on a Portuguese crossdressing forum, but I don’t think I’ve written it on my own blog yet: I’m growing boobs. Seriously 🙂

Crossdressing escapism for when I’m feeling down

Since the last week, I’m feeling a bit down. That, by itself, should not be a cause of worry: after all, I’m supposed to be depressed, and when people are depressed, they feel down. Right? I do have now two medical reports who testify that I have ‘psycopathological disorders’ (the psychiatrist […]