The urge to show off

Take a tour of some profiles around Multiply (or any other social site) from some genetic females, or from guys without any interest in crossdressing. What do you see? Their pictures reflect moments that are important for them: going out with friends, their family, a special event. Or they’re pictures […]

Ignorance leading to dreams and disappointment

Like many of you, I have been posting pictures (and lately videos) on the Internet for quite a long time. As the times change and the Internet evolves, I’ve mostly stuck to Flickr, Ringo, YouTube, and now Multiply. But I keep links on other places as well — like Yahoo, Microsoft, and who else […]

Below the surface… and fulfilling pleasure

As I claimed before, I’m a surface crossdresser — the urge to keep my balance between anima and anime is only skin deep. This means that I derive pleasure just from “dressing up”. There is nothing more to it — like someone who, for instance, drives over to their favourite Reebok shop, gets a pair of […]

Crossdressing as a counter-culture?

A comment on this blog made me think a bit on the nature of crossdressing, which is not easily explained. As some readers might have noticed, I’m not the best person to explain it at all! Most people tend not to distinguish between “gender” and “sex”, which is perfectly understandable; we tend […]

Urges and how to deal with them

All transgendered people come to a dilemma at some point in their lives — they ask themselves, why do they feel that way? Where do their urges and needs come from? Is it something genetic? A mental disturbance? Rebelling against established norm? Or something entirely different? In any case, what […]