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Why I love being a woman

Malcolm Gladwell defined on his book Outliers that to achieve extraordinary performance in a field of study, it takes about 10,000 hours of practice. This number came from research into the lives of very successful people in several areas, and the conclusion was about the same. While this theory has been […]

Difficult choices

One full month without dressing. That’s what I had to cope with. When I look at that sentence, I have to look back to the past 7 years or so, when dressing became something regular — usually, every week or so. Sometimes twice per week; sometimes only every other week. […]

Crossdressing: techniques to deal with urges, anxiety, and disappointment

If you’re reading this website, it’s highly likely that you are transgendered to a degree, even if you don’t accept that definition fully, or don’t think it applies to you at all. However, what I will attempt to explain will also work with other reasons. Nevertheless, we transgendered persons have […]